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Criminal lawyer Newtown PAWe are the most experienced criminal defense lawyers in the Newtown area. We will fight for your rights and defend you rigorously when you are charged with a crime.

If you have committed a felony in Newton, you will most likely be arrested and prosecuted. Depending upon your case, you may have your charges dismissed, or you may be found guilty by conviction or trial. The whole process may raise many confusing questions. You will undoubtedly be stressed and concerned.

This is why you need the expert Criminal Lawyer Newtown trusts.

Potential sentences for felonies may range from one year to lifetime imprisonment Misdemeanors; by comparison, carry potential sentences ranging from one month to one year in jail. Time spent in jail can be devastating for anybody. You may lose your job and the ability to provide for yourself and your family. There are other lasting impacts as well. Criminal offenses remain on your record and affect your life permanently.

We Handle Criminal Cases Aggressively

We don’t play games. We realize that you may need to submit to periods of extended supervision, hefty fines, exorbitant restitution amounts, in-patient drug treatment programs, community service, and other court-mandated punishments. Beyond this, your conviction will tarnish your record, affecting your chances of securing a job, improving education and enjoying public benefits.

When you are charged with a crime in Newtown, the first thing you should be doing is calling your Criminal Defense Lawyer in Newtown. You need somebody who is trustworthy and experienced. Our attorneys have represented numerous clients charged with felonies and misdemeanors in the Newtown area. We are dedicated, have a good reputation, and use the law to your benefit.

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