How Can a Philadelphia Divorce Lawyer Guide You in the Process of Divorce?

Every year, divorce cases become more and more frequent. In Philadelphia, the statistics show that more than 50% of marriages end in permanent separation. 

The divorce procedure does not always have to be devastating or stressful. In every relationship, certain factors may indicate that the couple needs to terminate their relationship for the greater good of both sides. Whether or not a divorce is amicable, a knowledgeable Philadelphia divorce lawyer can guide you in the right direction on how to navigate the process.

How does a Philadelphia divorce lawyer help in the divorce process?

Research shows that in the case of first marriages, 40% to 50% of the marriages end in divorce. The percentage of second marriages ending in divorce is about 60% to 65%. 

For couples who want to file a divorce case and avoid the complications associated with the legalities, then they may refer to a skilled divorce attorney in Philadelphia

Risk Factors For Divorce 

Various factors can greatly affect a marriage and lead to a higher likelihood of divorce. Some of the factors include, but are not limited to:

  • Marrying at a young age 
  • Limited education 
  • Low income or financial stress

The likelihood of getting divorced can generally be reduced if the couple puts forth the necessary effort to save their relationship in instances of turmoil. However, it’s common for one or both parties in the relationship to eventually decide that parting ways is the best decision. 

If you or your loved one is on the verge of ending a marriage and confused about how to file a divorce, then you may want to consult a prominent divorce attorney in Philadelphia

Common Reasons For Divorce

Some of the common reasons for divorce are:

  • Lack of commitment
  • Infidelity
  • Argumentative relationships
  • Impractical expectations
  • Lack of equality
  • Abusive relationships

divorce attorney in bucks countyRegardless of your specific reasons for divorce, you should seek help from a renowned divorce lawyer in northeast Philadelphia who can guide you in navigating the divorce procedure. Divorce can be tiring for both parties, so it’s helpful to have a lawyer who can provide support and can make the overall process easier for the couple or spouse.

Divorce Mediation

Some couples prefer to consult a third-party mediator who can help them in navigating a divorce. The mediation process can be both time-saving and money-saving. Following are some reasons for couples to choose the mediation process:

Financial Issues

Divorce can be a concern for those who have not been single for a long period of time and are dependent on the other person for financial help. Mediation is a great procedure that can help the couple avoid unpredictable court and legal fees that are linked to the litigation. 

In the process of litigation, there are various associated costs that can be out of the couple’s budget. By contrast, in the divorce mediation process, only the court and mediator fees have to be paid. Due to this reason, many couples may prefer the traditional method of mediation. 


The mediation process is flexible because the mediators try many ways to create a process that is suitable for both parties. If a couple wants their divorce process expedited because they both are busy, then it can be completed quicker and easier with mediation than other ways. For example, the judicial system can be quite rigid. Therefore, it’s unlikely to be as flexible as mediation.

Custody of Children

Couples who have children often try harder to have a positive relationship with each other even after getting separated because it tends to be in the best interest of the children. Through mediation, the couple can understand and resolve many of the issues that existed in their marriage. This in turn helps them to work better as co-parents for the future of their children.

Faster Resolution

Mediation is a quicker process, so a divorce will likely be resolved far more rapidly compared to a divorce that has to make its way through the litigation process. Mediation sessions are generally scheduled by the couple at their convenience.

What does a Philadelphia Divorce Attorney Do?

If you prefer to file a divorce in court, seeking legal help from a successful family lawyer in Philadelphia will not only guide you through the divorce process, but aid in fighting for your rights.

An attorney with experience in divorce cases can work with you in the settlement negotiations and can also safeguard you in court. 

Consulting an experienced lawyer at the outset of the divorce can be a good decision because you can avoid facing more complications in the later stages.