How Can Bucks County DUI Lawyers Assist You?

For a trustworthy and experienced lawyer in Bucks County, seek help from the Law Offices of Lidia Alperovich, LLC. We offer the much-needed professional advice to safeguard your personal and legal interests.

Bucks County DUI Lawyer If you are charged with a DUI offense, it is highly recommended that you consider hiring an experienced Bucks County DUI Attorney. If you are struggling with a drunk driving offense, you need expert legal advice as soon as possible. The proper representation may even help prevent the suspension of your driver’s license. A knowledgeable DUI attorney can analyze all aspects of your drunk driving offense and build a strong case for you.

The most successful Bucks County DUI Lawyers are known for their aggressive representation and defense of their clients. With the help of an attorney, you can avoid some of the more serious consequences of this offense. Consequences one could face for a DUI charge include driver’s license restrictions, increased insurance rates, a criminal record, mandatory incarceration, probation, and mandatory DUI education.

What Is A DUI Offense in Bucks County?

Driving under the Influence (DUI) is considered a serious offense that is linked with serious penalties. Some of these serious penalties include substantial fines, probation/parole, incarceration, license suspension, fines, costs, drug or alcohol treatment, ignition interlock device on the vehicle, and more.

A DUI offense might also cause loss of auto insurance and could even put your employment at risk. The punishment for a DUI offense depends on different factors, including:

  • Blood Alcohol Content levels
  • Number of prior convictions
  • Whether the offense caused injury to others

When a driver is stopped by a law enforcement officer for a suspected DUI, the driver may be required to undergo certain chemical testing to determine the level of alcohol in the blood. A driver is required to submit to the test by submitting his or her breath, urine, or blood for testing purposes. If the driver refuses to submit to the test, they may face additional penalties.

If someone has a blood alcohol level ranging from 0.08 % to .099 BAC they are considered impaired. A blood alcohol level of approximately 0.10% to 0.159% BAC is considered a high rate of impairment. A blood alcohol level of 0.16% or more is the highest rate of impairment. It is considered illegal to operate a motor vehicle while experiencing any level of impairment, including being under the influence of a controlled substance.

Controlled substances include prescription medications taken in greater quantities than the therapeutic dosage, as well as marijuana and street drugs including methamphetamine, heroin, oxycodone.

How Can An Underage Person Avoid DUI Charges?

If a person is less than 21 years of age,  they are not legally allowed to consume or purchase alcohol. If an underage person is caught driving in Bucks County with a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) of 0.02, they can be charged with a DUI offense. This is a lower threshold than that for an adult over 21, who must have a BAC of 0.08 to be charged with DUI.

If you are convicted of a DUI, it will appear on your criminal record. Some employers conduct criminal background checks on their employees. A DUI  offense on your record might limit your ability to get a job or advance in your career. 

If an underage driver is stopped by police and found to be impaired, they can be charged with a DUI. The penalties for an underage DUI are the same as those for an adult, including license suspension, fines, and potential jail time.

Underage individuals can easily avoid facing DUI charges by doing one of the following:

  • Calling a cab
  • Taking advantage of different ridesharing options that are available, such as Uber or Lyft.
  • Asking your friend to drop you off at home. 
  • Calling family or friends to pick you up.

How Can Bucks County DUI Lawyers Save You From DUI Offenses?

Lidia Alperovich will investigate all aspects of your DUI charges, identifying all causes and reasonable grounds for said charges and/or arrests. She may fight DUI charges in several ways, especially those based on unlawful stops, illegal searches and seizures, and inadequate warnings.

She is also highly experienced in managing DUI cases of all types. Our firm will handle drunk driving cases that include repeat DUIs, DUIs resulting in death, driving with a suspended license, underage DUIs, and commercial vehicle DUIs.

The results of a DUI conviction can be extremely serious. You may incur hefty penalties, including fines, state surcharges, increased insurance rates, license suspension, and even jail.

Our DUI lawyer is extremely accommodating and will help you apply for admission to the ARD Program. The ARD Program is for those arrested for the first time “Driving Under the Influence” (DUI). This program allows clients to avoid jail, keep a clean record, and reduce the period of license suspension.

Unfortunately, if you have already been arrested for a DUI, you are not eligible for these benefits under the ARD Program. With each subsequent arrest, consequences and penalties increase substantially, especially if your blood alcohol content (BAC) levels are high.

If you’ve been arrested for DUI and want to avoid harsh consequences, you need an experienced attorney with qualifications in criminal law. Contact Lidia Alperovich today to get a FREE Case evaluation.