WhatCan An Expungement Lawyer in New Jersey Do?

Do you have a criminal record? Is a criminal record complicating your life? Do not worry at all. Expungement will indeed turn out to be a boon for you. Want to know how? Take a glance at our informative article which will clear all your doubts. 

A criminal record can pose serious threats if an individual is searching for a job or if looking for housing. If you have a criminal record, be it a minor offense or a major offense, eventually, it will complicate everything for you in New Jersey. 

Expungement Lawyer Nj If you are fortunate enough, however, then there lies a great option available for you if you are accused of any past offense. In New Jersey, if you have a past criminal record then you can apply for the expungement of your criminal record if you fulfill certain criteria. To get more insights on expungement, Contact an attorney

An expungement lawyer in NJ can help you in having your criminal record expunged, meaning criminal charges will be removed against you as if they had never happened. 

And, in turn, you are not required to report any of the offenses to the landlords or the employers which will eradicate many of the difficulties that were previously arising for you when you had a criminal record. You must remember that records will not be erased. Rather they will be sealed away and will not be accessible to most of the authorities. 

Eligibility for Expungement

You must not have a wrong idea that all crimes are eligible for expungement. Only some of the crimes are eligible for expungement which you will come to know when you consult a knowledgeable expungement attorney in New Jersey. The crimes which are not included in expungement are sex offenses and violent lawbreaking. Expungement procedures depend on diverse factors stated as follows:

  • Whether or not the offender has been convicted of the criminal offense
  • If the criminal charge results in conviction, then the severity of the crime is to be taken into consideration
  • The time interval since the arrest of the offender or when he or she is convicted of the crime
  • Completion of the terms of sentencing, such as probation, incarceration, or any other program
  • Any more crimes that the offender has been convicted of 

A minor crime with a full sentence will be easier to expunge in comparison to any serious crime. In some cases, a serious crime can also be expunged but it may be possible only if the time has been much longer before the offender wants expungement. 

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How to Apply for Expungement in New Jersey

In New Jersey, if anyone is arrested or detained, but he or she is not convicted of that crime, then, in such a case, you are eligible for expungement. In some cases, if an actual conviction occurs, then there is a waiting time which will be decided based on the nature of the crime committed along with the sentence that is given. 

After the waiting time is over, then the offender is eligible for expungement. You must contact a renowned New Jersey expungement lawyer in case you want to inquire more about how to apply for expungement.  

An offender can clear his or her record of a past criminal conviction by applying for expungement. You must be wondering what an expungement is. Let’s give you a brief explanation on what expungement means.

What is an Expungement?

First, you must always remember that expunged records do not mean completely erasing the criminal records. Expungement can distance the convictions and the tell-tale evidence of the encounters that are lesser-known with law enforcement agencies. 

Expungement in New Jersey declares that if an individual obtains an expungement, then he or she is entitled legally to communicate with anyone who is asking about his or her prior criminal records as if the offense that is expunged never occurred. Referring to a lawyer who would throw more light on the expungement, how you can apply for expungement, and what are the after-effects of expungement.

Benefits of Getting Expungement in NJ

Individuals charged with criminal convictions are made permanent on your criminal history. Whether your charges are dismissed, then your arrest is still in the reports creating your criminal history. What if someone does your background check and discovers that your name is in criminal search records? It will be disclosed that you have been previously arrested, charged, or convicted of a crime. Expungement will be your one-stop solution as it will help you in eliminating your criminal records. 

If you want to know whether expungement is appropriate for you or not, you must contact one of the renowned NJ expungement lawyers who can help you.  In some of the cases, a criminal conviction can be expunged 10 years after the criminal conviction. However, offenses committed by disorderly persons can be expunged 5 years after the criminal conviction. 

In cases where the arrests happen, but do not result in a conviction, the arrest can be expunged at any time. In case you need one of the experienced expungement attorneys in New Jersey, you can consult an attorney who is well versed in the field thereby giving you the right information. 

You must also know that an expungement cannot erase your criminal record. This means it is not equivalent to a pardon. However, it will be only disclosed in unusual situations. Otherwise, it will be accessible only for restricted purposes. Expungement is the segregation of your criminal records which will not be available publicly. 

For your information, if anyone will be doing a background check then he or she will be restrained from having any access to the criminal records as they are expunged.

Don’t experience rejection from securing a renowned position in a company as expungement can come to the rescue to help you avoid this problem. Speak to a prominent and reputed expungement attorney for a solution.