How Will a Bucks County Family Lawyer Protect Your Rights?

Issues related to family law can be emotionally draining, but they are not undefeatable. A knowledgeable lawyer can turn your stress into relief with sound advice, determined representation, and patient counseling that ultimately achieves your goals.

Different Aspects of Family Law

Family Lawyer Bucks County There are different aspects governing family law in Bucks County PA. For an upstanding and determined representation of your family law case, an experienced lawyer on your side can prove to be beneficial. Some of the common aspects of family law are as follows:

  • Divorce: Divorce is a termination of a marriage or legal separation. There exists no-fault or fault-based divorces based on the relationship of the couple. 
  • Child Custody: Sometimes child custody becomes the fundamental issue in divorce-related cases. To defend an individual’s parental rights, a legal professional may be required. Seeking help from an experienced Bucks County family lawyer who has built a reputation for his or her legal skills, compassion for clients, and ethical practice may prove to be beneficial. 
  • Custody Relocation: Some individuals travel a lot, whether for their jobs or other reasons. This is one of the factors that can play a huge role in custody cases. A lawyer can guide you in protecting your parental rights along with handling relocation disputes. 
  • Prenuptial Agreements: A prenuptial agreement can prove to be extremely beneficial because a division of property can become much easier. However, certain factors govern the prenuptial agreement, such as the financial situation of both the parties. You should seek the guidance of Bucks County family law attorneys who not only understand your circumstances, but also can help you in drafting, executing, challenging, negotiating, or defending marital agreements. 
  • Collaborative Divorce: A collaborative divorce is one of the alternative divorce processes that allows a couple to work collectively in planning the divorce without going through litigation. 
  • Property Division in Divorce: It may be better if the couple organizes their finances because it can help in streamlining the divorce procedure. This can allow the parties to enter into the new phase of their lives with great confidence. 

How Do Bucks County Family Lawyers Guide in Custody Issues for Blended Families?

A blended family refers to a marriage in which two individuals come together along with their children to make a new family. Blending a family can be both a delightful and gratifying experience because there are more people involved in taking care of the children. However, there are some legal considerations when dealing with the custody of minor children. 

Legally, the stepparents do not have the right to make any decisions regarding the child’s health, upbringing, or education. Having said that, if a child has more guardians, then there may be conflicting opinions which could ultimately complicate the situation.

The responsibility falls on the legal co-parents to make the right decisions for their children. If you are facing difficulty in child custody, you should consult with an experienced Bucks County family law attorney who has extensive experience with dealing with family law issues. 

When a marriage dissolves, the custody and visitation of the stepchildren is not guaranteed for the stepparent. The court takes into consideration many factors before making a decision. These may include if a stepparent has adopted a child or if it is in the best interest for a child to meet the stepparent. Additionally, the stepparent needs to show proof that there is a healthy parent-child relationship between the two. It’s also considered whether the stepparent agrees to not interfere in a child’s relationship with his or her biological parents.

To potentially avoid complexities, you should contact a lawyer who works tirelessly to achieve what is best for you while protecting your rights. A well-known lawyer who has years of experience in handling family-related issues can help resolve the confusion. 

How Can A Parent Protect the Kids in Custody-Related Issues?

In many cases, child custody goes smoothly because parents do not want their children to suffer from any kind of violence even if they can not tolerate each other. However, there may be situations where there are heated arguments in child custody cases. To avoid this situation and reduce the risk of violence for both your kids and yourself, you can follow the tips below.

Choose a common location: In divorce cases, both the parties decide on a common place where the custody exchanges will take place, and both the parents can coordinate with each other. Some of the most popular locations for custody exchanges are parking lots, grocery stores, and malls. In these exchanges, the parent’s homes are avoided to ensure that the exchanges go smoothly. 

Stop engaging with the other parent: Both parents may become tempted to become involved in an argument. The parents must avoid getting into any  heated arguments because they may have a negative impact on their child. 

Follow custody plan: The parents need to follow a custody plan. There should not be any modifications or changes made to the times or locations of the meetings unless it is ordered by the judge. However, if you need a modification, then you may seek assistance from your lawyer with filing a petition in the appropriate court.

Involve a third party: If you think that your ex-spouse will be difficult, then you should bring a witness with you even if it is not ordered by the court. The witness can be anyone, such as your friend, family, colleague, or neighbor. This will be helpful just in case anything goes wrong at the custody exchange. Having a third person with you might resolve all the disputes and may prove to be less stressful.

Family law is a type of practice that addresses disputes between family members, like divorces and child custody issues described above. Bucks County family lawyers know how to handle these types of cases, so it’s important to know who to contact when you deal with one or more of these life-changing events.

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