How Can a New Jersey Traffic Violation Attorney Assist?

For a New Jersey resident, violating traffic laws can cause stress and financial damage. The drivers who violate the traffic laws suffer from a plethora of penalties. 

Driving Without Insurance in New Jersey

Nj Traffic Violation AttorneyAre you driving in New Jersey without having insurance? Then, you must know that the penalty you will be suffering will be severe. If an individual is driving a car or allowing someone else to drive the car without having insurance, then you will lose your driving privileges for one year. 

You will also be fined with an amount varying between $300 and $1000. In some cases, the judge may also ask the convicted person to serve the community. A traffic violation lawyer in NJ might help you as he or she may have experience defending thousands of such cases about penalties.

Consequences of driving without insurance

If you are driving without insurance, then you are calling danger for yourself. Yes, it is the truth. Suppose you got into an accident. Not having insurance may prevent you from getting the financial help which can be available in case you have the insurance. 

You have to bear all the costs personally which might cause serious financial trouble for you as it might cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars which is whopping. It may even lead to paying the fine for the rest of your life. 

However, in some situations, you might have insurance, but you are not carrying it with you at the moment when police demand it. Then, you will receive a summons, but likely will not need to worry about it. A well-known NJ traffic violation attorney can defend you and your charge will be downgraded. You may be fined, but it will be a relatively smaller amount and no consequences to follow. 

The charges were only that while driving you were not carrying your insurance which was required. Therefore, it is vital to carry your insurance while driving a car in New Jersey. 

Leaving An Accident Scene in New Jersey

You must know that New Jersey is a densely populated state where there is congestion on main roads and highways are stuffed with vehicles. When there are so many vehicles, then accidents are bound to happen. If there is a major collision, then a motorist in New Jersey is bound to inform the police and remain there at the accident scene. 

Any violation of traffic laws could lead to you being convicted for violating the traffic laws. If you are leaving the accident scene in New Jersey, then you might have to face serious penalties which might vary based on the circumstances. To learn more, consult the Law Offices of Lidia Alperovich

If you are involved in an accident and you have damaged some property (like you hit the car which is parked in the car parking), then you will have to experience a 6-month suspension of the driving privileges along with a fine which will vary between $200 to $400 or/and you will be sentenced to 30 days of jail. 

In the other case, suppose you leave the accident scene where there is any injury, then you can expect the 1-year suspension of the driving privileges along with a fine which will vary between $2500 to $5000 or/and you will be sentenced to 180 days of jail. 

In case you are not reporting an accident, then the consequences are less severe. In case you are planning to run away from the situation, then beware because you may be caught. If you want to know more details, then you must consult a prominent New Jersey traffic violations attorney who will guide you in a better way.

Not removing snow from your car in New Jersey

In New Jersey, it is the affirmative duty of each driver of a motor vehicle to remove snow from his or her car. If you are driving a car or any other vehicle, then it is your responsibility to remove snow from the vehicle before driving it. There is a fine imposed if you are seen driving a vehicle with ice on it. If you are driving and ice has fallen from your vehicle then you will be fined between $25 to $75. 

In case the ice has fallen from your vehicle while driving resulting in property damage or resulting in an injury, then the fine increases to $200 to $1000. And in case the vehicle is a tractor-trailer i.e., a commercial vehicle then the fine will vary from $500 to $1500. To know more about the fine, contact an experienced New Jersey traffic violations attorney. 

People must take care that they remove any kind of debris such as ice from their vehicle before driving which will eventually help ensure their safety and security. This might help you from being caught in an accident or being injured, even fatally so. 

However, if you are driving a commercial vehicle that needs equipment to clear the snow or ice from the vehicle and if they are on the way to the amenity, then you will be exempted from any fine.

If you want to avoid any legal consequences or if you have been charged with violating any traffic laws, then you must immediately hire a New Jersey traffic violation lawyer who will help you for sure. Contact us today.