Retail Theft Offense?

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Montgomery County Retail Theft LawyerIf you need an attorney to represent your retail theft case in Montgomery, we’re here to help. We have defended many clients successfully in the area.

Have you ever been charged with Shoplifting or Retail Theft? Have you been accused of changing or switching price tags, or removing labels to defraud a merchant or retailer?

Our firm is a defender of Retail Theft Montgomery County can trust. We have been handling retail theft charges throughout Montgomery County for many years now.

Truth is, retail theft, shoplifting, and switching price tags are all considerable crimes. Don’t think it isn’t a crime. If this is a second or third retail theft offense, you may be facing serious criminal charges and jail time.

Don’t be found guilty when you’re not. Don’t receive a harsher punishment than is necessary. Immediately consult an experienced Montgomery County Retail Theft Lawyer the moment you’re charged with retail theft.

We look forward to discussing the facts of your arrest and your options for defense against the charge.

Penalties for Retail Theft and Shoplifting

The minimum and maximum limits of imprisonment are 90 days and 7 years, respectively. The imprisonment time depends on the value of the property stolen and whether it’s the first, second or third offense.

If this is the first time, you may be eligible for Accelerated Rehabilitation Disposition (ARD).This program allows you to avoid jail time and clear the theft conviction from records, permitted you fulfill all requirements and conditions.

ARD is available only for people who are charged with committing a non-violent crime. The worst ARD cases involve Retail Theft and driving under the influence (DUI) charges.

Once a person completes this program, the charges are cleared from the record. It is essentially a second chance for a clean record. Your ARD Attorney will determine your eligibility for the program.

Whether using the ARD program or not, you always get our best. We will defend aggressively against the charge, represent all facts related to the offense, and provide optimal legal strategy for winning your case.

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