How to Choose the Best Criminal Attorney in Trenton

Not many people expect to be involved in criminal accusations. These accusations can include various types of fines, criminal records, and jail time. They can ruin someone’s career completely or have an adverse impact on their lives. However, some people often face a situation in which they are involved in cases of poor judgement, false identity, or in circumstances that involve misunderstanding the criminal laws in New Jersey. 

criminal defense lawyer in trentonYou should take note of the fact that every criminal accusation may not result in a criminal record or a conviction. Seeking help and guidance from an experienced Trenton criminal lawyer who is well versed with the criminal justice system can safeguard your future.

Some experienced lawyers in New Jersey may know how to work with the prosecution and can utilize their prosecutorial experience to turn a bad situation into an advantage for the client. If you or your loved ones have been accused of any criminal offense, you may need to hire legal counsel who can assist you in formulating an effective defense strategy.

Consulting an experienced Trenton criminal lawyer who has more than a decade of experience handling criminal cases and can fight for your rights may prove to be beneficial for your case. 

Criminal Accusations in Trenton

A criminal charge is a serious offense, and its consequences may affect the professional life and reputation of a person. To protect your quality of life, freedom, and reputation, you should be aware of some of the criminal accusations, the most common criminal accusations in Trenton, New Jersey are:

  • Assault: According to N.J.S.A. 2C:12-1, assault is a criminal accusation that can be categorized as either simple assault or aggravated assault. Assault is a crime in which an individual injures or attempts to injure another individual. 
  • Theft: According to N.J.S.A. 2C:20-3, charges related to theft vary considerably from shoplifting small items to more serious theft charges. The punishment and its severity depend largely on the theft charge which depends on various factors such as the value of a stolen item or whether the accused person was armed or not. 
  • Disorderly conduct: If someone uses offensive language or behaves disruptively then N.J.S.A. 2C:33-2 categorizes it under disorderly conduct. In simple terms, disorderly conduct is a catch-all accusation that signifies an undesirable behavior.
  • Drug-related accusations: The offenses related to drugs vary greatly from simple possession of drug paraphernalia to keeping severe prescribed drugs. 
  • Domestic Violence: According to N.J.S.A. 2C:25-17, domestic violence charges are the charges wherein one party files a temporary or permanent restrictive order that can vary according to the severity level. 
  • DUI or DWI charges: In Trenton, DUI or DWI charges differ in the severity level depending on the level of alcohol that is found in the accused person’s blood. It also depends on whether it is the first offense committed by an individual or it is a subsequent offense.

If you have been accused of a criminal offense, then a skilled Trenton criminal lawyer can be helpful in minimizing present and future consequences of criminal offenses. 

How Can Criminal Lawyers in Trenton NJ help?

If you are seeking professional help for a criminal offense committed by you or your loved ones, then consult a criminal lawyer in New Jersey who is experienced in handling criminal defense cases and possesses the following:

  • Complete knowledge of legal matters

A legal professional will have knowledge of the legal system as a whole and how it works. This will include all the complexities and legalities. If you have to go to court, an experienced lawyer can guide you in how to prepare and present yourself for court. 

  • Handling the paperwork

There is a lot of experience required in handling the paperwork in the legal system which can prove to be challenging for someone who is not an experienced lawyer. The paperwork may include filling out forms, submitting documentation, and dealing with other formalities that can consume a lot of time and energy. An experienced Trenton criminal defense lawyer can assist you in completing the necessary paperwork for your legal situation. 

  • Protecting your future

Criminal charges can have a serious impact on anyone’s life because an individual may have to pay penalties or even spend time incarcerated. 

  • Saving time and money

If you do not have any legal knowledge, then fighting a case or completing the formalities of paperwork may prove to be a difficult task to handle on your own. This may affect your source of income and employment opportunities and result in a monetary loss. Seeking guidance from an attorney can prove to be beneficial for you in the long run. 

If you are thinking that by simply accepting your mistake and completing the punishment, then you are mistaken. Once a criminal record has been established, it can very well follow you throughout your life. 

If someone does a background check, then you run the risk that your criminal record is discovered and it may ultimately cause an issue. To prevent this, you can hire a lawyer that not only starts working on your case immediately, but also gathers all the necessary information to build you a strong enough case to have success in fighting your criminal charges. 

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