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These FAQs are designed for personal injury victims of auto accidents, truck accidents, and victims of medical malpractice. Because truck accidents and medical malpractice litigation have issues that are unique to those types of personal injury cases, our lawyers have also designed frequently asked questions that are specific to truck crashes and malpractice.

How can I get a d.u.i, with no proof of riding my motorcycle?
Lidia’s answer: As a matter of fact. there are numerous cases that discuss what constitutes operating or “being in control” The cases are very fact specific, so I am sure your attorney will advise you as to the strength of the case.
Can I outrun a misdemeanor juvenile warrant? What would happen?
Lidia’s answer: The warrants never go away. Ignoring it is not going to help
I was rear ended at a stop sign. Not much damage to my car but got diagnosed with whiplash and a concussion..what do i do?

Lidia’s answer: You need to consult an attorney. Many attorneys provide first free consultation

What does it mean when you get charged with 8 counts? How much time could he be facing?

Lidia’s answer: These are very serious charges, as my colleague has already stated. His potential exposure will depend on his prior record score, the circumstances of the case etc.

How can I get two traffic tickets dismissed without paying them or acquiring any points?

Lidia’s answer: There is a very good, almost 100% chance that you’ve already been found guilty in absentia. Statute of limitations only applies when a party neglects to file suit or criminal traffic complaint not when defendant fails to appear.

I would like to sue sleepys or kingsdown mattresses / i fell off the latex mattress that was suggested to me and i feel i broke

Lidia’s answer: In order to prevail in a personal injury claim the defendant needs to be liable for plaintiffs injury. The burden is on the plaintiff. I see no Liability. Injury alone is not enough

What are my options if I want to separate from my husband to protect my rights if we end up divorcing?

Lidia’s answer: You may want to start from drafting a matrimonial settlement agreement or filing for equitable distribution, support and cusody. But I wouldn’t do it without an attorney

If my husband were to get into an auto accident that was deemed his fault, could I be held liable or sued by the other driver?

Lidia’s Answer

If the car is under your name you will be sued for negligent entrustment. You should try and keep it under your husbands name only. Otherwise, any judgment will be against both of you and lien can be placed on jointly owned property

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